Monday, June 14, 2010

Ladybirds and stripe-eyed fly & spider fun

Photographs from a series of ladybirds mating (I assume).

Another ladybird close-up - pity I never noticed the drop of dew/water on its back while taking the photograph. Opportunity missed to possibly get some form of reflection or really creative photograph.

Two red & green eyed flies on a white flower. I took these pictures on the Sacramento Trail with screaming kids "bugging" me. In retrospect, I should have taken more time to get a really decent macro of the flies head and eyes.

The failed macro shot. What I did find interesting was the way the salt crystals created a sparkling effect on the white petals. These white flowers deserve a second visit.

Cool fly with striped patterns in its compound eyes.

I found this tiny jumping spider on my bedside table. I experimented a bit with the bed side lamp as the lighting and a health spa brochure as the surface for the spider to rest on. What I did notice was that the overly glossy paper created some harsh reflections and required different angles to try to avoid the sharp reflecting light. The overall effect was quite pleasing though. Need to revisit this type of macro photography with a slightly less reflective surface.

Remember: Click any photograph to enlarge.


Firefly said...

You are perfecting the art of macro photography. The last photograph makes that spider look very vicious.

Gaelyn said...

Nice macros. I really like the ladybirds, mating. Nice to learn from our practicing.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Oh gosh, sorry I am only getting to your post now but it has just been too busy!!

The fly with the green eyes looks like it might be a horse fly Tabanindae - Rhigioglossa and the stripped on is the common housefly. That last picture of it is stunning!!

The ladybird is the Henosepilachna bifasciata - Cucurbit Ladybird.

Your macro's are brilliant Zane. I am pleased you are taking pictures of them too.

Elettra said...

In my country, the ladybug is an insect so lucky we are happy when we see it, is the same from you?