Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flowers & Plants - Port Elizabeth area

Flowers and plants are not my favourite subjects for digital photography. I have chosen a few photographs to show some diversity and my apparent and obvious lack of knowledge regarding the identification of most of the flowers and plants.

Number 1: A day lily after a brief rain shower.

Number 2: A frilly yellow flower.

Number 3: Bougainvillea. Something about the shape of the bunch of flowers caught my eye so I took a photograph. Cannot remember what it was that caught my eye so long ago.

Number 4: Pansy type flower - I was fiddling with macro settings and trying to capture the pollen.

Number 5: A flower from a florist. It has a blob of honey/syrup leaking out - so I zoomed in and out, generated the vignette (darkness around edges of photograph). Anyway the bright orange colour is warm, if nothing else, considering it is winter here.

Number 6: Some kind of Protea. South African national flower I believe.

Number 7: Wild geese - direct translation from "willegansies". If I have identified this plant correctly then it is the same plant that is used for traditional remedies. Warning - first find out from someone who knows before plucking the leaves or flowers of this plant and making a brew for that sore throat or cough. I could also be horribly confused and have it all wrong. Most likely.

Number 8: Bromeliad flower. I had this one in storage until I saw Jonker's post on
Appears to be the same type of flower. Thanks Jonker.

Number 9: Red tube flowers. I enquired at a nursery a few weeks back, but trying to explain what a flower or bush looks like, as opposed to pointing to a sample of the plant, is impossible. Not a honeysuckle bush though.

I will post another flower and plant series soon. I have more in stock.

Remember: Click on any photograph to enlarge image.


Gaelyn said...

For not being an enthusiast of flowers you have a nice selection of captures. They are good to practice macros on with no movement.

SeamusMcDufus Fizgig said...

Very nice Zane, just wish I could get the time I need to take some more pics.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

A wonderful collection Zane and great pics of them.

Firefly said...

Like you my knowledge of flower names are shocking to say the least. Great collection though.

Sciarada said...

Ciao Zane your pics are very beautiful, it seems strange to you but the number four rimind me at the song "the wall" of Pink Floyd and the number five at the movie "War of the worlds"

Elettra said...

Hi my friend Zane,the colours of flowers are stunning

birdy said...

What a professional touch! You captured them very beautifully.

Zane said...

Thank you Gaelyn, Seamus, Birdy, Elettra, Sciarada, Firefly, Joan.

I will be adding you all to my bloglist - if you are not on the list already.

Magda said...

Hi Zane,
Number 8... I have found a Bromeliad you have photographed... the Flower Species that guided me to your site.
Wonderful. And the photo is beautiful.

I will visit Jonker's Firefly Site... is so interesting seeing another's experience of a similar or same subject. Always intrigues me how each's view varies, also expands one's own way of seeing.

When I researched information for my own Posting, of what to me appears to be the same Bromeliad species, the technical name I found it to be called is "Billbergia pyramidalis".... rather like the sound and look of the name... and my mind always does a light trip and sees Tolkein's 'Bilbo Baggins having a Pyramid moment'.

Lots of good wishes to you from Magda (Australia)

Kinky said...

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flower envy said...

Pictures posted by you are awesome thanks for posting them thanks

thomas peter said...

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