Monday, May 24, 2010

Jumping Spiders - plenty of them

This post covers some jumping spider photographs I have taken recently (be warned I have more). I did not really want to choose specific photographs, so this post includes 4 different jumping spiders, and my favourite jumping spider picture from a while ago - little black jumper - last picture in this post.

There are quite a few spiders in the jumping spider family. I have not seen any definite literature on jumping spiders of South Africa, although the reference I have refers to 622 african species - Family salticidae. Anyone willing to provide details on available reference works. Maybe we should collect hundreds of photographs and send them to Joan (the bug lady) for identification.

Brown and white jumping spider.
White, black and dark orange jumping spider. Really a tiny spider. The ground / sand grains that you may see in the photographs is normal sand "macro'ed".
Another tiny jumper with a meal.
A favourite photograph of mine with the same tiny jumper (who had the beetle meal) as the subject.

Tiny gold and black jumper (vicious orange fangs).

Black jumping spider. Repost.

I have a few more jumping spider photographs hiding away on the hardrive, and have found a wonderful spot to get more photographs with an extremely diverse variety. Just need some time.

Remember click to enlarge photographs.


Gaelyn said...

These tiny jumping spiders are wild and crazy looking. All those eyes! Your macros are excellent. In that last image I'm sure the spider is looking at you curiously.
Joan will love these, but don't swamp her with too many shots at once. ;-)

Zane said...

Thanks Gaelyn

I really love jumping spider macro photography - the spiders all seem so friendly and jump around a lot - so makes for a challenge to get the good pictures.

I have taken so many spider photographs and have this new venue with yellow flowers that is a jumping spider haven - seen at least 4 different jumpers there and it buzzes with wasps, beetles, flies and other insects.

Firefly said...

I also want a camera that can take pics like this. Absolutely awesome. *sulking in corner about the limited abilities of my camera*

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

WONDERFUL!! Well done Zane, these are terrific shots of them as I know how small they are. A lovely selection of them too.

Zane said...

Jonker - I find myself talking to the bugs quite often. Was embarrassed on Saturday when a gentleman was standing behind me listening to me talking to a bee mimic fly and telling it to sit still while I took the pictures. I did not know the man was there, but my spider sense was tingling. The man seemed quite amused when I explained what I was doing - I thought he was the owner of the property.

Ok - to get good photographs means getting embarrassed and crawling in peoples flower beds - my secret is out.

Joan - it is my personal goal to photograph jumping spiders, till there are non left to photograph on the list of 622 species.

Maybe I can start my own jumping spider catalogue.

Thanks Joan, Gaelyn and Jonker - comments much appreciated.

Jo said...

Hi Zane;) I'm a South African living in the Sudan with my husband for most of the year. Our home is in the Eastern Free State and I cannot say that I've come across any jumping spiders there. These photos are amazing. I've added myself as a follower of this blog.

Zane said...

Hi Jo

Thank you for the kind words. Thank you for adding yourself as a follower.

Suppose the desert has its own insects and spiders. I have a friend who works for DAL in Sudan.

Andrea said...

Spiders eye are always stunning.
Great serie.